Cat Figurine

6"x4" oil on raymar
panel. We have a few of these feline figurines around the house. This one sits on a shelf overlooking the kitchen sink making sure nobody steals it. We bought these cats many years ago from an establishment with a devious marketing strategy that goes something like this: lure people in with free coffee (supposedly from exotic lands) and while they are walking around drinking the too small cups of coffee with nothing better to do, they buy tchotchkes like these. It's shear genius and I'm just the sucker to fall for it; I'll go just about anywhere for a good cup o' joe. These cats were carved in some far off land from a substance that is so close to the weight of air that it's amazing that they don't float off the shelf.
Posted April 1, 2011
sold • private collection los angeles, ca


  1. I love this painting! The red background is great and I love how it sets off the black and white cat.

  2. I have a whole collection of these little them in France...they come in all kinds of vibrant colors. Your painting of this one is fabulous!

  3. he (or she) looks so alert and poised for action... Great personality here. wonderful little gem !


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