Cat Bank Trio

4"x6" oil on raymar panel. These three have grinned and stared at me for years and I had sworn never to paint them. And yet, here the cute (read smarmy) little kitties are. I have a larger, single cat bank that I want to paint, but I wanted to experiment a little first, so I took a shot at this one with its three nasties. I know that sounds backwards, but that's just the way it worked out. What I want to know is why are they so happy and why is the one on the right coming out of some sort of bag and why does the one on the left have a fish in his armpit—that cannot be comfortable and brings up issues pertaining to his personal hygiene—and why is the big guy in the middle carrying that ginormous yellow hammer? The message I'm receiving is this: "If you don't save your money in our little happy smiley bank we are going to stick you in a bag with a dead fish in your armpit and then hit you with a hammer." Yikes! Here, take all my change and leave me alone!
Posted March 29, 2011
sold • private collection los angeles, ca


  1. You rock, my friend. You just plain rock. This is awesome.

  2. Your painting is too artful to show the cats' horridness but your text brings it home!

  3. And here I thought giftware was merely a world of whimsy. I had not noticed the darker side. . . until now. Nice painting, by the way.


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