Chip Brush

6"x4" oil on raymar panel. Okay, so there I was, doing the photo editing for my Daily Painter Review of Julian Merrow-Smith. Photo editing for those reviews is one of the hardest parts of the process, especially with such a talented artist as Mr. Merrow-Smith, who has a long history of painting dailies. Anyway, there I was, just as you see me now, sitting at my computer working away and that tug hit me—that voice, that "Man, what the heck are you doing? PAINT!" voice you sometimes hear. What? You don't hear it too? Well... I, um... Let's just move on... So, I looked around, found this old brush and painted it. It was an easy find considering that I have approximately 2,362 of these brushes laying about. Hey, why buy one when you can get a deal on a pack of 25?!?!

Posted March 3, 2011
sold • private collection pasadena, ca

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  1. Yes, I do have that voice. Unfortunately though, I also have another voice. Janice. Janice is much louder and more persuasive, especially since I've been sick. She has banished me to the couch. She says I have to finish knitting my cushions. She is very mean.

    Oh, and I love love love your colors here.... By the way.


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