Stanley No. 5 Plane (The Bigger)

10"x20" oil on canvas. This photo could have been better–I don't know how, but it could have. It would be easy to blame my evil, nasty, evil camera, but I think it was probably due to the odd, long format and a drunken and uneven fisheye effect. I shouldn't say odd because I think the format is pretty cool (but the fish was drunk). If I can get a better photo without the fisheye bend on the bottom (yes, I tried fixing it in PhotoShop), I will send it to you. This old plane of mine really deserved a larger portrait, but its beautifully long shape just didn't fit a normal canvas dimension. Then, I found this wacky canvas in the art store and me happy. Me being dictated to by a canvas format is just more proof that me just pawn in game of life.

Oh yeah. I have joined the Facebook world. Don't really know what that means exactly, but I do have a Page on that ethereal plane. Here's a link: Raymond's Facebook Page. Go check it out and remember, "Strike a Blow to Raymond's Issues of Low Self Esteem: Click On the 'LIKE' Button Today!" Sounds like an old war bond poster.

Posted March 2, 2011
sold • private collection monrovia, ca

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  1. You might want to try to stand back a bit and use the zoom on your camera- not a lot, just to be far enough away from the drunken fish. I, too, have experienced those fish, and they can be quite menacing...


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