Abraham Lincoln (twice)

6"x4" oil on raymar panel. I have always wanted to paint a portrait of this exemplary man, whom I so admire, and since I was slated to do the next Daily Paintworks Challenge, I used it as an excuse to get it done. Many people receiving this email are artists, so I pasted in the bulk of the challenge below for your perusal. If it sounds tempting, I encourage you to go the site and take up the Challenge! Daily Paintworks Challenge address: http://www.dailypaintworks.com/Challenges.
While you are there, check out the other challenges.

"This Challenge is a multi-optioned one, so pay attention–there might be a test at the end.

Here are your options:

THE BLACK AND WHITE CHALLENGE: Paint the portrait in black and white; try to maintain neutral grays with a limited palette of these three pigments: Ultramarine Blue / Burnt Umber / Titanium White.

THE FULL COLOR CHALLENGE: Paint the portrait in color; translate the B&W image into a full color portrait using whatever colors on your palette you choose. This is actually a very revealing challenge.

C. THE ULTIMATE CHALLENGE: Do A and B at the SAME time. This is what I did and is further proof of my insanity. I painted both pieces side by side on my easel at the same time AND I didn't get paint on my pants.

THE "LET'S IGNORE RAYMOND" CHALLENGE, or if you prefer, OTHER: You do have the option of ignoring me; produce a portrait of Mr. Lincoln in any 2D manner you wish. Don't worry about hurting my feelings, it'll be nothing a good brownie won't cure. (Psst! I am very partial to woodcuts.)"

Posted March 7, 2011

sold • private collection lincolnwood, il
sold • private collection glendale, ca

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  1. Hi Raymond,
    I wanted to thankyou for your comment on my blog...you put a big smile on my face,and also to return the compliment.I have been looking at your blog and find your work rich with colour and brushstrokes.I feel whatever subject you choose there is heart and soul and something to aspire to.


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