Stanley No. 5 Plane

4"x6" oil on raymar panel. This old beauty was passed down to me. It is a beautiful tool in function and it is a beautiful tool in appearance. The grays in the metal alone were worth whipping out the paint and making a mess: warms, cools, blues, reds, yellows, you name it—it's all there. Old surfaces, particularly patinated metals, are just like skin, offering an artist endless opportunities to express their love of color. May sound syrupy, but it is true.

Posted November 23, 2010

sold • private collection bradbury, ca

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  1. So true! That's why I love to paint old trucks rusting in the field: reds, ochers, browns, purples and the fluorescent green of mold...I like your paintings and their painterly dash...
    John Foyston


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