Peppermint Candy

4"x6" oil on raymar panel. There are two ways that an innocent little peppermint candy can drive a guy like me nuts. First way: I paint it. The cellophane wrapper can be challenging, but just as it is with glass, I just go for it and paint what I see. Another helpful revelation, the red stripes around the edge are irregular. Irregular is good, uniform... not so much. The second path to insanity goes something like this: The artist, that would be me, takes the kiddies out for a nice breakfast at the local coffee shop. Upon returning to the family manse, Spawn Number One turns out his pockets revealing approximately 10,362 candies that he secretly spirited away from the restaurant's counter. This brings on the sophisticated parental response of "Ugh," or at least, "Candies? Why not toothpicks? Now, toothpicks I could use!"
Posted October 21, 2010
sold - private collection los angeles, ca

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  1. Beautiful. I'm using this as one of the references for a logo I'm working on. Keep up the good work!


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