Candy Corn

4"x6" oil on raymar panel. Egads! I'm sensing a theme. Dreadful things themes are. Anyway, this "theme" might lead you to believe we are a candy crazy clan, when in fact the opposite is quite true. Okay, I admit that we dedicate part of a kitchen draw to candy, but you will find upon closer inspection that most of the candy to be life-threateningly old – we just don't eat a lot of candy. For example, this candy corn dates from sometime in the late Roman Empire and I am sure would end the life of any Roman who dared eat it today. This painting is all about staging, or maybe lighting, or maybe both. Set ups are fun when the light flows over and in and amongst the subject matter. Such a painting illustrates how everything is relative in a painting — one thing affects another and vice versa.

Looking for something to do in the ether?
Might I suggest visiting the website "Artists Discuss." It is written by a young artist named Martyn Chamberlin and is currently showcasing an interview that I took part in. Mr. Chamberlin posed several questions to a group I belong to called Daily Paintworks ( There are twelve of us and he has decided to post the interviews one question at a time, listing all our responses.
I think he is on question number five. The answers reveal that I am the most long winded and annoying of the group. A badge I wear with honor amongst such wonderful artists. So go forth, venture further into the ether and check out the interview(s) at Hopefully you will find it not only diverting, but somewhat educational.
Posted October 22, 2010
sold - private collection santa monica, ca

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