Ansco Cadet Camera

5"x5" oil on gessoed door skin panel. This little camera was a thrift store find. Whilst shopping in a thrift store, there are certain things one must be willing to do that one might normally not do. A thrift store has a certain survival of the fittest environment. In my geographical area, the stores do not only have the usual crowd, but also an infusion of young designers/art directors shopping for interior design jobs or to supply props to the "Industry." If you are lucky enough to find something good, you immediately sense the eyes of this competition zero in on you. "He doesn't look all that smart, maybe he will put it back down. Then I will swoop in, pick it up and jam!" they think to themselves. Now, with my upbringing, I am rightly prohibited from body checking, let's say an aggressive, but otherwise delightful lady of advanced years, BUT a dude or dudette in their trendy twenties is fair game and when I am pushed, they will be taken out. And trying to outnumber me is futile with the Spousal Unit backing me up. She is sweet and truly lovely until one of her cubs is threatened. Was I supposed to talk about the painting? Let me see... Well, I know little about cameras, old or new, but I do know something of grays and grays are what this painting is about. When I looked at this camera I saw blue gray, yellow gray, red gray, purple gray, and you-name-it gray. Remember, grays are wonderful and they are your friends. Come see me at the Beverly Hills Affaire in the Gardens Art Show, October 16th and 17th, Booth #137 - close to the corner of Beverly and Santa Monica Boulevards.
Posted October 13, 2010
sold • private collection sierra madre, ca

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