Rusty Blue

12"x8" oil on ca
nvas panel. Another 12x8 just for you. People ask me for painting advice and I never know what to say. I thought long and hard about it and have come up with this little chestnut: Just as it is with many drugs; when used properly, listening to Sam & Dave can be very beneficial. It can put a wayward painting session back on track. But, as it is with the drug, abuse your dosage of Sam & Dave and things can go badly, especially for those of us who are... how shall I say it without hurting my own feelings?... rhythmically challenged. The overdose can bring on fits and spasms, wreaking havoc on a painting. James Brown? Don't even think about it. A James Brown overdose can absolutely destroy a painting. How was that for a droplet of painting wisdom? You didn't like it? Okay, here's more: Beware of white.
Posted September 8, 2010


  1. Been humming "Ain't too Proud To Beg", by the Temptations.

    Pretty good tempo for painting I would think :)

    This painting has a deliciously sinister overtone...the rusty red in the foreground looks a tad like revenge!

  2. I just laughed and a snort came out. Nice job. Oh yeah, and nice painting, too.


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