Glass and Tomato

8"x12" oil on canvas panel. I promised I would bring the pain, so here is more (another 8x12). You may have noticed that these 8x12s are based on my previous 4x6 paintings. Giving them a test run in the smaller format is very helpful. It helps with composition, colors, values, etc. These larger paintings are painted from new set ups, so they are not identical to their mini predecessors, just similar. For example, the tomato I used here was smaller and was a different red from the tomato I used in the earlier painting. I walked out to pick a tomato and this was the only one on the vine close in size, so I had to use it. Either that, or I would have to go to the store and buy one. Way too much physical exertion for me. The look of the glass is also different. It's the same glass, but no matter how much I tweaked the set up, there was just no way to get all those reflections, refractions, and other re's to be like the previous painting. You just have to paint what's there. Be happy I spared you the story of how if I was a superhero, my evil nemesis would be my camera and his evil henchmen would be paintings with dark backgrounds like the one above. I thought it would make me sound like I was ten years old and that is just way too mature for me.
Posted September 9, 2010

sold • private collection bradbury, ca

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