Pickled Green Beans

6"x4" oil on raymar panel. I don't feel like typing about painting (stop with the, "So, what else is new?"). I want to type about how the UPS Man saved the day. Actually, I don't know if "Man" is correct. We really have no idea as to the gender of this stealthy superhero, could be an amoeba for all we know. You see, we never really get a good look at this mystery person. Here's how it goes down: You're sitting in the house, all peaceful like, and all of a sudden there comes a quick, hard series of raps at the front door and a loud thud. Sometimes two thuds if the package happens to ricochet off the door. No matter how fast we sprint to open the door, there is never anybody there! The most you see is a glimpse of a brown rear end vaulting into the truck and speeding off. Neighbors have boasted of catching a glimpse of him(?) in blurry profile while he was going 172 mph down the street (we clocked him), but that doesn't really help. What the heck was I typing about? Oh yeah, UPS saved me today by delivering my shipment of RayMar panels. I hadn't realized that I had massacred my last one yesterday.

Thank you UPS Amoeba-Man-Women-Blur!

Whoever you are.
Posted September 10, 2010

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