10"x8" oil on canvas. No, Jonathan did not put a fork in an AC outlet, but he was a very inspirational model with his spiky hair and goggles. People sometimes ask me for painting advice (can't imagine why), so here's a chestnut for you: The manner in which I sometimes paint, not suggest would I. Sorry, but that's the best Yoda I can do. Sometimes, especially when I break out of the realm of 4" x 6", I may under mix my paint and I might even mix on the canvas. Now, these are supposed no-nos, so don't try them at home unless under adult supervision. Just throw down three to five colors, scoop them up and go for it!* It takes away some of the control we humans seem to so desperately need and can bring on some happy accidents. There is a little bit of this insanity going on with Jonathan's mug, so I thought I would bring it up.

*Warning: The above may cause frantic wiping of canvas and/or cussing and is a massive oversimplification of the process.
Remember, I advised against it.Posted June 29, 2010
sold • private collection glendale, ca
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