Flowers in Glass Vase

6"x4" oil on raymar panel. Planning these paintings out in advance is really not part of the daily painting regimen. Planning can snuff out some of the fun/challenge. But, this time I had thought ahead about going into the garden, whacking a bunch of purple garlic flowers and placing them on some sort of yellow background – seeing where a play on complimentary colors would lead. My mistake was announcing my intentions out loud. What the heck was I thinking? Next morning I came into the studio and the ever so lovely Spousal Unit was already there with a bunch of purple garlic flowers PLUS these yellow orchid-like flowers from the garden (sorry, don't know their name, grabbed seeds from a local hillside – yes, legally). So, here you have it, garlic flowers and yellow anonymous orchid-like flowers in a narrow glass vase, NOT on a yellow background. I'd change the locks, but she would just open the door with her mysterious mind power.

Posted June 16, 2010
private collection glendale, ca
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