Barn with Cathouse and Flag - large

20"x30" oil on door skin. This may look like the previous painting, but it is actually at 500% scale. To put it differently, it would take 25 of the smaller paintings to equal this one. One thing this painting might illustrate better than my small dailies is my occasional habit of painting against form. Here is an example: If the form is vertical, like the planks on the side of the barn, my strokes might go side to side. Your brain will logically say, "Hey, paint pusher! Follow the form!" What's the fun in that? By the way, if your little gray cells are talking to you like that, you better go outside and get some fresh air. Even the thin horizontal shapes of the fence and the stripes in the flag are mainly painted against form and carved. I could say this was some sophisticated style decision unique to me, but I think it's a relatively common practice based on what seems to be a practical need to gob on gallons of paint, often in smaller spaces. I usually don't even know I am doing it until somebody points it out. That would be a good title for my painting book, "Just Gob It On and Carve - For Dummies."
Posted April 30, 2010
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