Barn with Cathouse and Flag

4"x6" oil on raymar panel. This is right around the corner from the behemoth peace sign. Oh, I mean the term "cathouse" in the most innocent of manner. There is actually a black cat that kinda calls the little shanty home – no dog or people with loose morals. Now, I am sure that if I a searched the entire area, I would have found a dog and even a person with loose morals (probably the person who talked somebody else into hanging that deadly peace sign), but they don't live in that little pale yellow house. This scene appealed to me so much that I have done a larger (20"x30") version of it. And, camera and weather permitting, I will post it to you tomorrow. Maybe, I will even talk more about the actual painting.

Posted April 28, 2010

sold • private collection el segundo, ca
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