Tea Kettle

4"x6" oil on raymar panel. When you start this daily painting thing you kind of open yourself up for the inevitable, "Here, paint this." The above is evidence of the Mother Unit doing a little cleaning out in her garage, which resulted in a, "Here, paint this" command. Now when the Spousal Unit does this, I know there's a killer egg salad sandwich at the end of that little rainbow (I will do most anything for good food), but with the Mother Unit the next thing is usually, "Oh, and don't forget to put those 200 pound boxes up in the attic using that really rickety ladder that's rated for the weight of a rodent." I'm joking of course, the boxes only weighed 100 pounds. Hey, I'm good as long as there's fudge at Christmas.
Posted May 4, 2010
private collection aurora, co
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