Kynsi Outbuilding

6"x4" oil on board. Okay, how can I describe this location? Imagine you are standing in yesterday's painting, looking down the slope at the Kynsi barn, then you start backing up that slope a bit. Now, as long as you did not break your leg on the one billion gopher holes you just walked over, you would eventually bump into this odd structure and, considering its condition, probably knock it over. I have no idea what this old building was used for, but it is obviously no longer in use. The roof, which does not sit directly on the plaster/cement walls, is falling in. Why the roof does not set on the walls is a mystery; maybe it was to ventilate some sort of equipment or ranch stores or crazy Aunt Harriet (she always did need ventilating). Anyway, I thought it looked cool with its water stained sides and unintentional sunroofs, so here it is smeared in oils.

Posted September 10, 2009
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