Pencil on Paint

4"x6" oil on board. This might be the last of my recent streak of "on" paintings. I think this makes five, which jives with the bonsai dictate of "...odd up to seven, after seven all bets are off." I am not too sure about "all bets are off" being a very zen concept, but it generally works. By the way, I do not use this pencil for the initial drawings for my paintings; I use it for crossword puzzles. The large pink eraser being evidence of how bad I am at crossword puzzles. I appreciate your emails, but please, no "Wimp for not using a pen" comments. Moving on... Drawing can be a crutch for painters: it is the basis for the painting, but it cannot save a painting; rely on it too heavily and it can frustrate and block you. How the heck did I wonder onto the topics of drawing and how bad I am at crossword puzzles? Must be a chemical imbalance – too much cadmium, not enough caffeine.
Posted August 12, 2009
sold • private collection houston, tx
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