Battery on Bestine

6"x4" oil on board. I should have posted this painting yesterday, but I couldn't think of anything to write. That is news in itself. Well, here it is today because I didn't want to keep it from you. Don't get me wrong, I liked painting it, I just couldn't think of anything to say. Still can't think of anything to write except that these are two items that somewhat happily reside in my studio and they just kind of found each other. This is the same 9 volt battery I painted back in February 2008 and it just seemed to fit in the negative space or stage formed by the Bestine can that no longer holds Bestine (nasty stuff). So there you have it, commentary when I thought I had none. I hope you like the painting – oops, I just wrote more, sorry. I'll stop typing now. Really.

Posted August 11, 2009
sold • private collection west hollywood, ca
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