Waving Gumby

4"x6" oil on door skin. I had to place this nefarious fellow on my easel to get a good look at him. Why nefarious? Just like the LEGO man I painted a while back: It's that stare. After a while of looking into those humongous eyes, you start to wonder what's going on behind that supposedly "Happy to See You!" smile and that never ending wave. And why does he just keep staring off to the left like that?! I clearly need to get better ventilation in my studio. All delusions aside, Gumby's color was a challenge that introduced cerulean blue into my palette. I know what you're thinking: Will he have the guts to attempt a portrait of the debonair sophisticate Pokey? Jeez! You want to talk about a freaky stare?

This goes out to my good friend Victoria Wesseler, who was gracious enough to honor me with the Official Gumby Award a few years back.

Posted December 15, 2008
private collection middle village, ny
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