20"x 16" oil on canvas ••• This shoe repair store was just up the street from, what was, my favorite deli, Billy's Delicatessen. That deli spoiled me for life. You could not find a sandwich on the menu that was not at least four inches thick. The kreplach soup was divine—especially when I was feeling under the weather— and the knishes were to die for. (Great, now I am hungry.) Let's move away from knishes (smothered in gravy*) and get back to the piece you see here. This place was not on my "to do list" of paintings for my cityscape show, but there was this blank 20x16 canvas menacingly staring at me from across the studio. So, here it is in gooey oil paint. It also seemed like a good idea to document the place since it is also no longer there. If you are wondering why I did not do a painting of Billy's, it is because the place is long gone, taking the only good knishes in town with it.

*Sorry to all you New Yorkers out there, but I like my knishes smothered in gravy.

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Posted January 22, 2022

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