Global 9 Transistor Radio Red

10"x8" oil on canvas. The internet and/or those beings who apparently control our access to it, hate me. Amazingly enough, I am at peace with that. My internet has been down for a while and I have finally been able to claw my way back. The ether can be a somewhat annoying place, so my forced hiatus did have its benefits. For example, not checking my FaceBook stuff for ten days was sheer bliss and having more time to yell at The Spawn did bring back a positive balance to the Force (Yes, I fight the Dark Side on a daily basis—you should thank me). I have nothing against FaceBook (at present), but the expectation to be constantly connected is somewhat unhealthy, in my humble opinion.    On another positive note: I will be in a group exhibition, The Cityscape Show III at the George Billis Gallery, LA ( The show runs from July 20th to August 31st. It is a great gallery and I am happy for the opportunity.
Posted June 19, 2013

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