Tootsie Roll

4"x6" oil on raymar panel. Halloween night we sent the imps forth to collect goodies. Considering that the amorphous horde we joined fluctuated from anywhere between six to around 1,000 kids, the fact that only one door knocker was broken was a small miracle. Ours was a rambling group that any respectably maintained hedge would fear. This foray into the dark didn't really bring in much for me to paint. Don't get me wrong, the overall haul was quite impressive. It's just that most of the candy doesn't really appeal to me as subject matter. I had to really dig to find this lowly and wonderful little Tootsie Roll. And yes, Dad gets first dibs on the candy (for artistic purposes, I assure you) and as long as everybody knows and accepts this, the universe will stay in a state of harmony and bliss.
Posted November 4, 2010
sold • private collection los angeles, ca

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