Agua Dulce Do Not Pass Sign

6"x4" oil on raymar panel. I have an admission to make: I painted this because of what somebody said, not because of what it looked like. This sign is near the water tower in yesterday's painting. I scoped out the tower over the course of two days; the first day it caught my eye, so the next day I went back to take another look. When I got out of the car on the side of the road, I was standing there stumped as to where I was standing the previous day when a lyrically wonderful voice barked, or should I say floated?, out from the car window, “You walked past the Do Not Pass sign.” Well, the Spousal Unit’s simple sentence stopped me in my tracks and caused me to laugh out loud. This proves two things: One, I have a very simple sense of humor and two, how well that woman knows me. I am pretty sure I was not showing any physical signs of being stumped, and yet she knew I was stumped. As I have stated in the past, that woman's powers are spooky.

Posted November 19, 2010

sold • private collection monrovia, ca

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