Chicago Pencil Sharpener

4"x6" oil on panel Two more mini paintings for you. • Whenever I feel like I am being lazy, I just view the amount of paintings I have posted. The number is hovering somewhere around the mid 900s. That's posted as opposed to painted. The painted number, which is impossible to accurately calculate, would be much higher... I would say well over 1,000 if not more. After contemplating these numbers, my opinion of myself changes from lazy to insane. • I'll take insane, because in the household I grew up in, being called insane would be much better than being called lazy. Being called lazy was a supreme insult that could result in a fist fight. Of course, when cooler, more civilized heads prevailed, we took the time to put our boxing gloves on.

Posted March 29, 2018

sold • private collection culver city, ca

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