Craftsman Belt Sander

4"x6" oil on panel As usual, I am behind in photographing my work. Hey, I've been busy (defensive tone implied). Not only am I behind in the photographic arena, but I also noticed that there a bunch of these mini (4x6) pieces that I somehow failed to show you. There may be as many as fourteen that slipped the net. Most of them have sold (these two sold at my last gallery show—yes, I am bragging), so I do not have detail shots for you. (They are too small for my camera to get good detail shots of anyway.) To make up for this omission, I thought I would include photos of two paintings at a time—one above and one below. They're twofers! I would like to thank my buddy Scott for loaning me the belt sander and also The Spousal Unit for not throwing out my collection of Japanese teapots.

Posted February 15, 2018

sold • private collection phillipines

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