Rotary Phone Red

20"x30" oil on canvas Every now and again, something slips through the cracks (like my sanity). This piece somehow slipped through. I thought I had shown it to you, but I guess I had not, so here it is now in all of its gooey goodness. When people encounter my work in person, they often hit me with this question: "How heavy are your paintings? They must weigh a lot." Sometimes the occasional, "Are you insane?" gets thrown in for good measure. To be honest, I had not really thought about the weight of all that paint (I stopped thinking about my sanity years ago). Heck, I am just happy when the goo does not end up all over my clothes. Anyway, the questioning did make me pay more attention and, you know what, my canvases do seem much heavier after I spackle them. This must be why I make The Spousal Unit lift all my paintings for me. (If you believe that one, I have some great oceanfront property in Colorado I think you might be interested in.)
Posted September 22, 2017

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