Fuevueflex Camera

6"x4" oil on masonite I love this camera. Not just because of the way it looks—it does look cool. I like it even more because of its name. Anything with the painful moniker ROSS ENSIGN FULVUEFLEX WITH SYNCHROFLASH AND ASTAROSS LENS must be awesome. Okay, I will admit that some inebriate was probably asleep at the wheel when they let "Fulvueflex" through quality control and somebody obviously lost a bet on the "Astaross Lens" thingy, but I don't care. It's still a great looking piece of British industrial design. You've got to love eBay. Where else can you troll in the wee hours and pick up a camera like this from England, France, or even Germany? I bought this one from some poor unsuspecting soul in England. That's not why I included that LEGO mini figure of Britain's greatest zombie whacker Shaun of the Dead in the inset photo. I included him because he was here in the studio staring at me. And, I will admit, we love the movie. Why else would we have a LEGO mini figure of a goateed appliance salesman carrying a cricket bat and a red stain on his shirt? Considering that we do not like horror movies, much less zombie movies, it is telling that we like this one. Even The Spousal Unit—who would not waste even a minute of her valuable time watching a horror flick—likes it. So, we have a LEGO mini figure of the guy and he resides in my studio and I am threatening to do a painting of him (sans the gigantic camera with the awesomely silly name).


Cityscape Show VII at the George Billis Gallery
The last day for this show is August 19th. So, if you have not already, go check it out.
George Billis Gallery / LA
2716 S. La Cienega Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90034 
310.838.3685 / www.georgebillis.com
Posted August 11, 2017

sold • private collection long beach, ca


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