Vespa Girl

11"x14" oil on canvas C'mon! A tin toy vespa girl in capri pants and striped socks and sporting a wickedly aerodynamic hairdo that could slice a block of butter. This must be one of the coolest toys ever produced. How could I not paint it? Wait... Wait... I'm geeking out! After stepping away from the computer for a bit, I have returned in a calmer state. One should be calm whilst typing one's inane commentary. Don't you think? As I have stated in the past, I tend to not take process shots, but for some reason I took this one. I call this phase "knocking in" or "blocking in." (The judges would also accept "smooshing in.") With a smaller piece like this one, knocking in is what I do in lieu of a drawing. Just dive in and smoosh it and move it about a bit. The drawing takes care of itself. To the casual eye this method would make me appear somewhat insane, and the casual eye would not be far from correct—I would just suggest substituting "absolutely" for "somewhat" to make it a more accurate diagnosis.

Cityscape Show VII at the George Billis Gallery
I will be having several pieces in this wonderful group show. The opening reception is going to be Saturday, July 8th from 5 to 8 pm. It is always a great show, so, if you can, please come and check it out. I will put the address below and don't worry, I will be reminding you of the show again next week.

George Billis Gallery / LA
2716 S. La Cienega Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90034 
310.838.3685 /
Posted June 9, 2017  

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