Mayfair Clock

11"x14" oil on canvas Let me start off by typing that I probably should not have procured this little wind-up clock—it does not even work. But... I was itching to paint a clock and something made of wood AND it is pretty cool looking. So, I pulled the trigger and will now add it to my ever expanding pile 'o' stuff. My "collection" is a kind of "Museum of Insanity" consisting of items I think, or at one time thought, would make great subject matter for a painting. Do not ask what my aesthetic criteria are. I do not really have any, unless you count me saying (to myself), "Wow, that looks really cool. I wonder if I can get it past The Spousal Unit without Her noticing that big brown box it will come in sitting on the porch." and "I wonder if The Spawn will rat me out?" as criteria.

Posted June 2, 2017

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