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I keep a to-do list next to the computer here in the studio. Let me make one thing perfectly clear: I despise that $%&#@ list. Like most people, I have utilized lists for most of my life. But my relationship with my to-do lists has been... How shall I put it?... tense. To-do lists, to me, are the epitome of pressure. They are wicked nags that glare at you like that horrible boss you had at that (fill in the blank) job you had in college. At least with that old boss, you found out later that they glared at you because they couldn't see properly and refused to wear their glasses. A to-do list glares at you and it is judging you. To-do lists also have a nasty habit of growing. "Oh, good boy. You ticked something off me. Now, here are 25 more things for you to do!" The reason I am whining about my studio to-do list is that updating my website has been on there for quite some time. It seems like years. Well, I finally did it. It is not much of a change—I really just wanted to make the images larger and maybe add a few detail shots. Please go take a look at it (www.raymondlogan.com). I am not sure about all the pictures, but it is at least a start AND I can finally flip the bird at that $%&#@ list. Metaphorically speaking, of course. ••• My consistent butchering of my native tongue may lead you to believe that I do not take language seriously. To prove the opposite, I would like to cite the noted Merriam-Webster editor and lexicographer Kory Stamper*. She informs us that the German word for a lower-back tattoo is 'Arschgeweih,' which literally means 'ass antlers.' Now, that is serious linguistic information we all can use!

*Stamper, Kory. Word By Word: The Secret Life of Dictionaries. Pantheon, 2017 
Posted March 29, 2017

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