Kathy's Nikon S2

4" x 6"  oil on masonite   It has been quite a while since I have shared one of my mini (4"x6") pieces with you. It isn't that I haven't been painting them, I have. As usual, it comes down to photography. Or, to be more precise, taking the time to photograph my work—it is not one of my favorite activities. So, a painting of a camera seemed like an appropriate piece to reacquaint you with these minis o' mine. (Sorry, no detail shots. These pieces are too small for my camera or phone to successfully shoot up close.) Most of the cameras I have painted in the past are older than this one, and considering that this camera dates from sometime in the mid 1950s, it is absolutely space age in comparison. A cousin of ours loaned it to me and, quite frankly, I was on the fence about painting it. But it grew on me. So much so, that I did a larger version of it after I did this mini. I would like to thank our cousin Kathy for loaning the camera to me and compliment her on her extreme patience.
Posted March 17, 2017

sold • private collection thousand oaks, ca


  1. Very inspiring work and nice blog.
    Is there some book teaching this style of painting? Or do you have some advice how to achieve it?
    I mean the usage of colors...

    1. Thank you, Jaroslav.
      As far as I know, there are no books that teach what I do. My color work is based on roughly 35 years of experience in dealing with color. And not just in paint. ••• I do not teach and I, quite frankly, would not even know where to start in trying to teach my color work. All I can forward to you in this blog format is the usual advice of starting with basic color theory and its application so that you can move beyond it. There is no hopscotching over that basic tenet. Just like there is no hopscotching over being able to capably draw before you move beyond it to experiment. ••• Good luck with your art!


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