1956 Pontiac Safari

4"x6" oil on masonite panel I am not 100% sure why I painted this car. Don't get me wrong, the car is gorgeous and the owner should be very proud. And it is not because the Pontiac Safari wagon was the oft neglected half-sibling to the rocking Chevy Nomad. No, the reason is that $%@# blue on its flanks.    You might recall me mentioning that my camera is evil. Well, one of the issues is that the camera just can't seem to correctly capture certain pigments. After taking my work to professional photographers, I have since found that this is not an issue confined to my camera alone (though I still think it is evil). Some colors just seem really hard to capture in the Land of RGB. Blues are an issue; they can just scream out from the image. But a particular blue not only has to be reined in, it is just about impossible to capture or color correct for. For lack of a better term, I would call it Cerulean blue. Blue to the green, but NOT blue green. The sides of this wagon are in that family, but the car was just so beautiful, that I had to take a shot at it—camera be damned. And by the way, don't even talk to me about reds. Reds give me sphilkes.

Posted March 3, 2016

sold • private collection glendale, ca

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