Jolly Rancher Candy

4"x6" oil on masonite panel I do not know the flavor of this Jolly Rancher, it was not in my possession long enough to commit it to memory. You see, I was forced to steal this piece of candy from my own offspring. Yes, forced. In an attempt to help organize my disaster zone of a studio, The Spousal Unit took it upon Herself to collect all of my "painting" candy into one container. I admit, the subjects-in-waiting were somewhat strewn all over the place. She chose a plain brown paper bag as the vessel and She even wrote "Art Candy" on it. Not only did I not know that The Goddess did this wonderful thing, I also didn't know that—for some unknown reason—She took the bag into the house. The time came for me, as it eventually does, to paint a piece of candy. Not finding any in my studio, I may have panicked a bit. Now on the hunt for candy, I went into the house and immediately noticed that Spawn Number One had just emptied his pockets onto the counter and there it was... the Jolly Rancher. A little diversion (probably something like, "Look, a chicken!") combined with some quick five-finger action and voila... here's a painting of it. It was soon stolen back and I don't blame the little demon. Their translucency makes them a challenge to paint, but Jolly Ranchers sure taste good.

Posted September 24, 2015

sold • private collection, los angeles, ca

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