AG Hot Rod

4"x6" oil on masonite panel Some things are more challenging (read: hard) to paint than other things. Many cars fall into this somewhat annoying category. There is just so much going on with the beasts and their unique forms, reflections, lines, ovals, etc.—you name it and it's there to drive an artist nuts. Okay, now imagine what I just described and then hacking it, chopping it, and, in some instances, completely removing whole sections of the car exposing the intricate mechanics of the machine. The result is a hot rod, the insane manifestation of someone's love for a vehicle and a penchant for hiding in the garage from their family. Even when I was a wee sprout, I preferred returning cars to their stock, intended forms and like new(ish) condition. This makes me a "stock" kind of guy. But over the years I have developed an appreciation for hot rods. You cannot meet a hot rod person and not become infected by their love for their car and the process that led to their personalized piece of art. For that is what they are: Art. The above painting was a heckuva challenge and that is probably why I did it. That and insanity.

Posted September 11, 2015

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