Onion Sprouted

6"x4" oil on masonite panel For all of you who were wondering if I still painted these little 4"x6" paintings, the above is your answer. I know that I haven't been doing as many as I used to, but they are useful to me as an artist, so I still do them. And, continuing an age old, time honored artistic tradition, I stole this subject from the kitchen. Pilfering being a natural component of daily painting, how could I walk past this wonderfully bolting onion and not notice (lift) it? Composing paintings in your head (a.k.a. insanity) is another remnant curse and I could just envision this onion balancing the way you see it here. If it didn't cooperate? Well, some sort of nasty sticky stuff could have been employed to make it bend to my will. Happily, the onion chose to cooperate. 

Posted June 25, 2015

sold • private collection los angeles, ca

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