Little Toy Fireman

12"x8" oil on canvas panel As it is with most parental units, I view small toys, such as the one above, not as benign, cute little thingies, but as evil anti-barefoot terrorists hellbent on wreaking havoc on my nocturnal wanderings (usually to the fridge). Whilst this little guy doesn't have the sharp edges of say... a LEGO mini figure—the most nefarious evil doer in existence—he is just as dangerous, for he is not a lone gunman. This little guy is a member of a cell of four yellow jacketed terrorists, all belonging to the same engine company. Led by a grandmotherly figure with an axe in her belt, their strategy is to line up in the middle of the doorways leading to the kitchen. And they seem to always be in the doorway I choose, it's like they can read my mind (or my stomach). Freaky. Oh yeah, there is evil at work here.  

On an artistic note: I kind of sort a wonder what this little guy would look like as a five foot tall painting(?). The Spousal Unit is not too sure about it. But then again, she has to listen to my insane rants about evil toys plotting against me. My judgement may seem a bit cloudy to her.

Posted June 23, 2015

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