Gazanias and Statice in a Bottle

6"x4" oil on door skin panel Something strange happened to my emails last week, I think they got stuck somewhere around Omaha. So, if you did not receive them or the text was in an Esperanto dialect particular to West Texas, I apologize. Please accept this bouquet as a sincere a token of my remorse for the inconvenience. The beautiful flowers that make up this petite bouquet were lovingly and zealously murdered by The Spousal Unit. By now, you would think I would know better than to talk to her whilst she is decimating our quivering flora. Invariably, she stops, gathers up some of her victims, arranges them a bit, and shoves them at me. (With all the grace in the world, of course.) No words are exchanged, but the meaning is clear: "Here, be a good boy, scamper off and paint these and leave me alone."

Posted April 2, 2015

sold • private collection west hollywood, ca

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