GE Clock Radio Red and Square(ish)

4"x6" oil on door skin panel Some of the details in these little paintings can be somewhat challenging. The grille in the middle of this old clock radio is a good example. It is a defining element, so I think it is necessary, but it is a royal pain in the neck. When confronted with this kind of widely varying dilemma, I usually fall back on one approach: Just dive in and do it. And, as further evidence of my insanity, make it even harder than it has to be. Here, I painted against form on the grille instead of just painting up and down in the same direction. I think it was Jean Paul Sartre's right eye that said, "Easy? Who wants to live there?" Or was it maybe John Cleese using an outrageous French accent or, and this is more likely, was it one of the sage waiters down at The Pantry? I can't remember.

Posted March 26, 2015

sold • private collection calabasas, ca

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