Round Teapot

12"x8" oil on canvas panel This is one of my favorite teapots amongst my collection of roughly 2,362 heavy metal brewers—enough metal to anchor a navy frigate and make me fear for the foundation of our house. This type of direct overhead lighting is a technique I reservedly use. Yes, it is dramatic, but it can also look like a cheap tool an artist falls back on to bolster a weak painting. Every painting is different and there was just something about the teapot's shape that made me decide to use it. Such a simple and plainly beautiful object being lit as if it was an angel appealed to me. Does it work? I will leave up to your discerning taste. Anyway... I reserve the right to use any arrow in my quiver, as long as I do not shoot myself in the foot (which has happened—notice the limp?).
Posted February 13, 2015

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