Cork and Lavender

6"x4" oil on masonite panel Lavender flowers may seem a bit plain for this purpose, but they fit the format with the bottles I wanted to paint and heck, they were there—quite a lot of them in fact. We have several lavender plants dispersed all over our property. This is not extraordinary in itself, but when you consider that the last time I planted one was maybe 16 or 17 years ago, it is somewhat amazing. They go ahead and die as they should (they are not long lived plants) and ten of their devious progeny pop up and me, being the lazy gardener that I am, I can always be counted on to forget to pull the little volunteers up. This process—basically a system of "die and repeat" combined with a lazy gardener—has kept us happily in lavender all these years.

Posted February 11, 2015

sold • private collection carpinteria, ca

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