Victor Hugo

8"x 8" oil on canvas panel Do not ask me why I did a painting of a ticked-off looking Victor Hugo. I do not know why. Well, I actually know the "why" behind the "ticked-off" part: In most photographs taken of him, Victor Hugo tended to look like he wanted to kill the photographer, hence the "ticked-off" part. People in photographs from that period did not smile. Not because everybody from that time was nasty—no, it was because of the time it took to expose the film. Too long to sit there comfortably holding a smile and—more importantly to the photographer—sit still. As a result, most peoples' expressions looked generally benign, but our friend above most always looked genuinely ticked-off at the inconvenience. At best, he looked bored and frustrated at the incompetence of the photographer. Being the bizarre artist that I am, I liked the, "Stand still whilst my eyes burn holes in your decrepit soul!" look, Mr. Hugo is expressing above. So, here is Mr. Darth Victor Hugo in oil paint.
Posted July 22, 2014



  1. I am a big fan of your paintings...but really adore your portraits! Especially the ones with the scowls...and your descriptions just make me laugh! Loving Mr Hugo here, and his differently colored eyebrows...maybe that's why he's ticked off? :-)


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