Old Signal Lantern

6"x4" oil on door skin panel How do I know this is a old signal lantern? Well, it is just a guess really, but here are my simple observations. Old? = The object is rusty and somebody smashed the poor thing down. Signal? = The glass is red and it has a strange long hook thingy growing from its cap. Lantern? = It was obviously made to emanate light by being lit and adjusted by that little doohickey on the right. Sherlock Holmes I am not, but I hope my deductions are correct. If not, please let me know. Why paint it in its tilting squashed down state and why is my commentary in the form of annoying questions? As far as painting the lantern in its sad state(?): If you have followed my work for any amount of time, you may have realized that realism is not what I am after with my painting. This painting started out with the venerable lantern being straight up (corrected), but the more I engaged it, the more I kept bringing its honest tilt back. The old thing just seemed to deserve it—to be related as it is, without correction. As to the commentary being in the form of questions(?): I am in a nasty mood with nary a cookie in sight.
Posted June 23, 2014

sold • private collection marin, ca

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