Lollipop Cherry

12"x8" oil on canvas panel What better way to finish off the series than with cherry, just like a hot fudge sundae. This is the last in the series of five lollipops. The paintings were challenging beyond the obvious strangeness of that ever mystical villain, cellophane. The lollipops altered their surroundings in different ways, primarily by bouncing color around. Now, you could make the argument that the bouncing was going on in my slightly tilted brain. Go ahead. I won't argue with you. I just hope you enjoyed these. This will be me bragging, but I am so giddy about it, that I do not care...  All five paintings sold to the same collector! The five staying together makes me so happy that I think I will eat one of my subjects—I might just start with the grape.
Posted June 26, 2014

sold • private collection washington, dc

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