Enos Farm House-The Front

12"x8" oil on canvas panel For having such large cranium, it seems strange that I should have such a small brain. It's so small, that if you x-rayed my head, I am sure the annoying imp would hide in some nook or cranny just to tease the doctors. I actually have no idea how large or small my brain is, but I do know my cranium has always been rather large for my stature because of all those times I couldn't get my melon back through the railing after having so successfully shoved it through. I'm just ticked off at my gray cells because I still cannot make up my mind whether to paint this piece larger or not. When I say larger, I mean larger—like five feet tall large. The last time I asked for my subscribers' opinion about taking a piece larger, an old friend wrote back with, "Go large or go home!"  Sound advice. Whilst my brain continues to hide in that nook or that cranny, I went ahead and produced this piece. It is one foot tall instead of five, but it will have to do for now.
Posted June 3, 2014

sold • private collection mountain view, ca

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