"Tom, Where's Jerry?"

12"x8" oil on canvas panel Last December, when I presented this toy to The Spousal Unit and told her I had acquired it to fill out Spawn Number Two's Christmas stocking, I received that spooky, all-knowing look that said, "Horse pucky. You bought that for yourself." Her sophisticated nature prevented her from actually verbalizing that sentiment, but she was thinking it. Was she right? I have learned to never question such a powerful being, not if I want to get more cookies. It is no secret that I have an ongoing love affair with gray. To nut jobs like me, gray is a playground to experiment on—throw the palette at it to see what works, doesn't work, or just plain freaks you out to the point that you have to stop and try to accept or destroy or just move on. Plain parking lots and streets are shear heaven in their boringness. This may seem a strange painting to bring this up about, but if you look at Jerry's body, it is predominantly gray. While the gray may seem straightforward, there are areas where that nasty "throw the palette at it" guy makes an appearance. It is just too hard to resist the impulse. Hi, my name is Raymond and I love gray.
Posted May 30, 2014


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