Mark Twain

8"x10" oil on canvas My painting of Edgar Allan Poe's table top of a cranium started me on this whole "painting dead guys" kick. Wait, strike that. Before that I actually painted a couple of pieces with a later-in-life Pierre Auguste Renoir resplendent with flowing white beard. Wait, strike that. Maybe it was Abraham Lincoln or maybe it was Lucien Freud. No wait, he was still alive when I did that one—Mr. Freud, not Mr. Lincoln. Wait, wait... I remember a T.E. Lawrence in there somewhere. Oh, my addled gray cells can't remember the darn order. What were we talking about? Anyway, this is probably the last one of Mr. Clemens I will do. I threw the palette at the man's mug and it appears to have all stuck. Poor guy, he's probably spinning in his grave.
Posted May 22, 2014

sold • private collection marina del rey, ca

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