J's Other Ropers

4"x6" oil on raymar panel Let's just pass over the fact that I steal The Spousal Unit's shoes from the house, and talk about the painting, shall we? I painted Her other pair of ropers a few of years ago and have always wanted to paint these—Her two tone Justin ropers—even though the fringy thingies above the toes are just freaky. The dark upper part of the boots and tongue are so soft, they just kept wanting to collapse while posing for me. She Who Must Be Obeyed loves these boots, so they did not stay in the studio long. They were a very challenging pair to paint and, if I can get my hands on them again, I might take a shot at a larger painting. It will be tough, She is on Her guard now.
Posted May 1, 2014

sold • private collection newbury park, ca


  1. The freaky fringy thingies are kilties. If, when you're hiking, a twig or grass rubs up over the top of your toes, the kiltie folds back over the laces to deflect the twigs away from the lacings. Without them I've been jabbed by sticks sliding under the laces, along the tongue and into the top of my foot. Stylish loafers have vestigial versions of kilties. Love your art, Blue Bottle Valerie

  2. The freaky fringy thingies are kilties. If, when you're hiking, a twig rides up over the toe of your boot they flip up to deflect the twig away from the laces. Without them I've had twigs go under the laces, slide along the tongue, and jab the top of my foot. Excellent art as usual, Blue Bottle Valerie


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