TBD (Enos House Larger)

16"x24" oil on canvas Just a Saturday easel shot for you.    The little version (see it on top) worked so well, I decided to take a shot at it larger. A better photo will follow some time in the future.    If you ever wonder about all the blocking and clamping you see in my easel shots, I will explain… The ledge and top sliding clamp of the easel get in my way, so I eliminate them by using the blocks and clamps. It is just the manner in which I paint; I need the edges to be free and clear or I am always banging into them with my arm or wrist or whatever chainsaw I am using. You cannot see it, but there is also nothing to the immediate left or right of the canvas. The clamps you see in the shot are necessary to restrain the canvas from leaping off the easel and attacking me in response to the brutal way in which I am treating it. Yes, I have actually had canvases leap off the easel and, after bouncing off me, go kerplop onto the studio floor. Such fun.

Posted April 19, 2014


  1. And wet canvases always land 'jelly-side' down, don't they? Amazing work, Raymond. I am a fan.

  2. Even more gorgeous than the study!


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